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yelp-monocleIf you haven’t heard of Augmented Reality, here’s the scoop. AR is a live view of the physical world merged with virtual digital information and/or imagery. The concept has been around in the military and industrial applications for years.

You’ve probably seen the technology in use without realizing it. Those first down lines on field during the television broadcast of football games? Yep, that’s AR!

Recently, this technology has gained popularity in many consumer settings.

Advertisers are using it to promote new products via cool interactive experiences. Service providers are using it to present relevant location aware information. Many cities, museums and theme parks are using it to add virtual objects to their existing  physical environment.

Like any technology of the brink of popularity, we have to question if it is fad or future. Fast Company recent addressed this exact question. Myjive believes this one is here to stay. All you have to do is look at the many potential applications already being explored.

Yelp’s iPhone App Monocle feature
Augmented Reality Contact Lenses
Canon’s MR Aquarium
Jack’s Links Living Sasquatch

As we like to say here at the office, “The future is going to be so cool.” And with AR, the future is here.

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    1. I’ve always been a fan of the Virtual Box Simulator for the USPS:

    2. Jimmy

      I can’t wait until better games come out using this technology.

      The augmented reality zombie game is a cool start: