• Albert Banks
  • Alex Runde
  • Brett McCoy
  • Caleb Loffer
  • Daniel Parker
  • Eddie Paik
  • Elliott Antal
  • Katelyn Sellers
  • Liz Hill
  • Mallory Starnes
  • Mark Conachan
  • Michael Chatten
  • Myjive
  • Ron Edelen
  • Shelton Clinard

In November, Myjive had the chance to visit Lancaster South Middle School. Mrs. Peters, teacher of the technology and art class, invited us to give a presentation for their “Career Day.” Her goal was to show her students that you can have a career in art and to show how far you can go in Adobe Photoshop.

Our Creative Director, Ron Edelen, spoke in conjunction with Jessica Mushik (Classic Design Kitchen and Bath). Jessica went over some of the details of schooling and her trade. Ron gave a short presentation on some of the processes we use, different mediums for which we design, and showed our promotional reel. Then we opened it up to the kids for some questions, which was heavily dominated by questions about the gaming industry.

We later received thank you cards from the classes that we attended. They were created by Mrs. Peters’ students in Photoshop and were greatly appreciated.

Thank You Cards

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