Jan 20

Charlotte, N.C. – Well-known, Charlotte-based digital agency Myjive, a leader in progressive digital solutions, today announces their evolution by unveiling its digital service-based businesses, South and Untold.

After more than a decade working to help clients and brands evolve, Myjive itself embraces evolution with the introductions of South, a digital marketing agency, and Untold, a design-driven technology and production partner.

“Myjive’s motto has always been ‘Choose to Evolve,’ so an evolution of this scale shouldn’t come as a surprise,” said Ron Edelen, Chief Creative Officer and Co-founder of Myjive. “Given the ever-expanding role that digital plays in modern business, our move to create separate, focused businesses is a natural step forward.”

Myjive will control the administrative, legal, financials and human resource policies of both businesses, in addition to providing consultation, creative guidance and new business support.

Myjive will now put digital innovation to work for clients and partners through the efforts of South and Untold. Each business will be empowered to establish their own culture, utilize unique tools and processes, hire specialized talent and focus their position and strategy.

South will help ambitious brands connect and engage with a modern audience by leveraging technology, digital media and creative content to answer a strategy and provide solutions to clients’ business needs. South will be led by Managing Director Brett McCoy, an industry veteran who has worked at Myjive for more than five years. With a mission to create experiences that drive positive results for its clients online, South will offer clients:

  • Strategy + Planning: Brand Strategy, Digital Marketing Strategy, Social Media Strategy, Program Planning and Management
  • Brand + Content Creation: Brand Development, Digital Advertising, Digital Marketing, Social Media content
  • Distribution + Evolution: Paid Digital, Social Media, PR + Analytics, Reporting

Untold will serve as a creative and technology partner that crafts high impact digital experiences for companies that push boundaries. With this as a mission, Untold believes the intersection between cutting-edge technologies, stunning design and compelling stories create best-in-class experiences to excite and engage users. Untold will be helmed by Michael Chatten, who has worked at Myjive for more than four years and previously ran his own multimedia company for a decade. Untold will offer partners a range of services including:

  • Strategy: Creative Strategy, Usability Testing, Information Architecture, User Experience, Content Planning, Game Design
  • Technology: Interaction Design, Full Stack Web Development, Systems Integration, Native Mobile Apps, Physical-Digital Convergence, Virtual, Augmented & Mixed Reality
  • Studio Production: Broadcast and Editorial Video, Motion Graphics, CGI, Identity design, Photography, Creative Writing

“By creating unique businesses that can focus their digital services, we are better positioned to meet the needs of clients in the future,” said Albert Banks. CEO and Co-founder of Myjive. “And Myjive now has the opportunity to explore and incubate new services and business lines. We are very excited about what the future holds.”

For more information on South and Untold, please visit thesouthagency.com and untold-digital.com.

For more information on Myjive please contact:

Albert Banks
CEO, Co-Founder

About Myjive
Myjive is a group of digital service-based businesses. Through its businesses, the group provides digital marketing, technology and production solutions. Myjive businesses put digital to work; using technology, creativity and smarts to create progressive solutions for ambitious companies.

About South
South is a digital marketing and social media agency comprised of risk-takers, dream-chasers and enthusiasts obsessed with helping ambitious brands colonize the digital landscape. Through analytics-driven narrative and empathy, South work engages and invites audiences to interpret the brand for themselves and bring it into bold, new territory.

About Untold
Untold is a multi award‑winning digital production company. They believe the intersection between cutting edge technologies, stunning design and compelling stories creates best-in-class experiences that delight and engage users. Untold works with some of the most ambitious agencies, brands and industry-changing companies.