Jun 18


CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Myjive, Inc., an award-winning digital agency in Charlotte, N.C. will bring Alex Runde onboard as a full-time Production Designer for her pixel-perfect designs and animations. Runde will be responsible for producing final master designs, 2D/3D animations and design refinements for a diverse range of clients, digital marketing efforts and campaigns. Her position reports directly to the agency’s Creative Director Mark Conachan and Design Director Ron Edelen.

Myjive is an agency that creates innovative, long term platforms that fuel engagement that was founded by Edelen and Albert Banks. Edelen and Banks come from design and technology backgrounds respectively. The importance of design at the agency is paramount to helping companies evolve and thrive in a connected world.

Prior to the announcement, Runde joined Myjive in 2012 as a 3D Artist intern until she was promoted to part-time Production Artist. Runde’s skill set has increased Myjive’s ability to feature motion and animation in client’s work, which is reflected in an educational and light-hearted animation for Goodsnitch, a consumer ratings app.

“I am incredibly excited to have Alex join the design team,” Edelen said. “Design thinking permeates all mediums and as a digital agency, we design stories to be great user experiences. With her background in the production industry, Alex brings a wealth of knowledge to the Agency’s ability to design amazing narrative content and bring it to life on any size screen.”

Welcoming Runde to the agency’s creative team also continues the company’s on-going mission to recruit talented creative experts who embrace collaboration and cutting-edge digital thinking. Runde brings her own unique perspective through her experience as an animator and pre-visual artist on major feature films including Darren Aronofsky’s Noah and The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. Her other skills include storyboarding, shot composition, character animation, motion graphics and interactive design.

“I’ve found the environment and culture at Myjive to be so enriching and I’m excited to continue working as part of the creative team,” Runde said. “I’m thrilled to bring an animation mentality to design, and with Ron and Mark as my mentors my design skills will continue growing quickly.”

For more information please contact:
Brett McCoy
Engagement Director

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Myjive is an agency that creates innovative, long term platforms that fuel engagement between people and businesses. Their mission is to help companies evolve and thrive in a connected world. For more information, visit www.myjive.com or follow us @myjive.