May 28


CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Myjive, Inc., an award-winning digital agency in Charlotte, N.C., today announced Shelton Clinard was promoted to Interactive Developer from his previous role as a Support Specialist. The role remains a hybrid of both technical and creative responsibilities including web development, photography, digital quality assurance testing and the exploration of emerging technologies. Clinard reports to Myjive’s Technical Director Michael Chatten and Creative Director Mark Conachan.

A key task as Interactive Developer includes the continued growth of Myjive Labs, an initiative driven by Myjive to enhance the agency’s digital-led culture and leadership in digital thinking. Labs also explores new collaborative processes and technology including augmented reality, generative design and projection mapping.

“Shelton was first brought on as Myjive Labs’ first Labs Coordinator and intern, and has proven that his capabilities far extend what he was doing at the time,” Chatten said. “He was able to understand new and complicated coding languages while providing invaluable creative ideas to the team. His impact helped transform Labs into what it is today.”

Myjive Labs is set apart by its own office and has been integral to Myjive’s recent growth and success in an increasingly connected world as well as the agency’s induction into SoDA, the Society for Digital Marketing Innovators. SoDA is the leading association of digital-focused agencies in the areas of marketing and innovation, seeking advancement in best practices, education and advocacy.

Clinard’s previous role as Support Specialist for Myjive included assistance leading up-to and during a generative design workshop at Charlotte’s first Blend Conference, a digital-leadership event featuring experts from user-experience, design and development communities from around the world. Clinard assisted in coaching attendees on how to create artwork, animations and models using custom code and existing algorithms within Processing.

Prior to joining Myjive, Clinard worked as a lighting and texture artist for Famiano Design Group, Inc., an architectural firm in Winston-Salem, and as a commercial photographer after earning his degree in technical photography from Appalachian State University. He has also helped Myjive develop a projection-mapped game, videos with TEDxCharlotte, a Kinect and Arduino driven real-time robot among other additional projects.

“It’s an honor to get to join Myjive as an interactive developer,” Clinard said. “It’s in perfect alignment with my passions and background. Myjive has a history of innovation and a portfolio of beautiful work that represents the perfect marriage of creativity and technology. I look forward to contributing to that body of work as well as growing the Labs initiative.”

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