They say Rome was built in seven days. We did it in 3D and here’s the story.

Opportunity and The Ambition to Evolve.

Myjive was tapped by a start-up group of game developers, TeamLava, to create all the visual content for Empire Story. It was the California-based company's first game and their need was ambitious: design and deliver all necessary visuals, including tons of 3D assets, to achieve a complete Roman world. Of course, being gamers ourselves, we knew great games are founded on great stories. Motivated by this, we endeavored to tell the story through architectural progression, an animation technique which would require significantly more creative assets than originally considered. Why go through the extra work? Because as gamers, we wanted a kickass game to play when we were done.

Making It.

We first established the look of the game by designing the user interface and essential brand assets, such as the Empire Story wordmark. This foundational design would drive the look of the vast collection of dynamic game assets. Our illustrators and animators were head-down and focused for six weeks on this epic project creating both 2D and 3D content. All the while, intense cross-country collaboration between Myjive and TeamLava was maintained to keep our visual design and content creation in sync with their development.

Nailing It.

The outcome was a Trojan horse-load of player assets, enough to motivate them to keep expanding their empires, held back only by their imaginations. The backdrop to this content was a fun, bright design platform and lean user interface that didn't get in the way of the visual experience. Overall, this content helped TeamLava reach an astounding revenue volume of a million dollars a day. To this day, the game is a top download and the tough-to-please millenial audience consistently rates it 4 out of 5 stars. C'mon gamers, we'd give it a solid 5!


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