Johnson Health Tech

Matrix Fitness Touch Experience


Matrix wanted people to experience their products in a memorable way. Myjive took it to a grand scale.

Opportunity and The Ambition to Evolve.

Johnson Health Tech asked Myjive to create an interactive touchscreen experience for their Matrix Fitness brand, a leading provider of high-end equipment for the athletic club market. The role of the experience was to provide utility and information inside their expansive tradeshow booth and do it in a strikingly beautiful way, and it needed to accommodate three use states: Matrix staff member with an individual; individuals on their own; and presentations to large audiences. To suit this variety, we also needed to include a custom CMS enabling easy modification at any venue. Another important aspect of the experience was the ability for users to navigate through Matrix's wide array of products, often animated in 3D. But to make things really interesting, all this great stuff needed to happen on a gigantic 84-inch display, a size which would need some serious UX planning to make it work across all purposes. All this constituted a pretty tall tech order, but Johnson Health was clear: their Matrix booth and products look sleek and sexy and they came to Myjive for sweet design as much as anything.

Making It.

We started with an information architecture based on Matrix’s standard product categories and audience segmentation. Pushing beyond this, we pioneered a multiple use case solution that enabled the touch experience to be navigated differently depending on whether the user was a Matrix rep with a customer, with a large audience or a customer on their own. Though not intended in this first iteration to be publicly available on the Internet, we chose to go browser-based, using Google Chrome for a variety of reasons. First, browser technology helps us future-proof the installation by adhering to standards that would meet a request to recreate the experience for mobile and tablet, which we knew they were considering. Second, it keeps the deployment simple and stable across installations. The installation runs from a small dedicated computer such as a Mac Mini and viewers don't see Chrome as it runs in the background. Chrome also helped achieve rich animated transitions such as our unique grid-flipping navigation.

Nailing It.

Thanks to the latest techniques in web animation, Matrix shoppers and staff enjoy a simple, sleek touch experience that delivers a ton of functionality. The result is an experience that is highly contextual to the needs of different users while leaving an impression of innovation and delight. Apart from the powerful CMS, Myjive also delivered a step-by-step setup sheet helps Matrix staff deploy the installation themselves.

This platform just deployed for the first time at the Miami IHRSA show in March and they are now running it at their corporate headquarters as well as installations in Germany and Australia. Judging by the IHRSA images showing the variety of use cases, audience types and content displayed, the platform met expectations for functionality in a demanding real world situation. And the design looks right at home in the high-end Matrix booth.