Meritrust Credit Union

Meritrust Website Redesign


More than a website redesign, this was all about revealing a bank’s human side through story and user-focused interaction design.

Opportunity and The Ambition to Evolve.

Meritrust needed a complete site redesign, asking us for a streamlined and improved user experience for both existing and prospective customers. Cool. But having just done a touch-screen experience for them, we knew they were highly people-focused and wanted their website to be just as human oriented. Strategically, they also wanted to build interest with Millennials, many of whom did not understand all that a credit union offered, without alienating older audiences. No problem—we knew they had something to offer everyone.

Making It.

After research and ideation, we gave Meritrust an evolutionary vision. Instead of the traditional bank approach, where promotions and interest rates dominate the homepage, ours would offer a series of story paths based on customer life-stages. By allowing visitors to select a story that reflected their needs, we could reveal Meritrust products, services and benefits in a natural, relevant way. To help accomplish the storytelling, we did our own photography, taking special measures to accommodate development needs for parallaxing, graphic overlays and responsive design. For instance, we shot with an innovative Nikon camera that captured huge 36 mega-pixel images for a high level of retouching and cropping ability without sacrificing quality. We also created an extensive set of iconography to help users navigate the large site and identify between services, products and benefits.

Nailing It.

Because Myjive did both content creation and platform development ourselves, the project benefitted in streamlined production and nailing ambitious design ideas. We delivered on Meritrust’s goals of achieving a simplified UX, engaging messages and imagery that was fresh and fun. The website now provides all the same utility and information one would expect in any bank website, but goes well beyond by positioning Meritrust as an organization focused on people, not transactions.

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