Regal Boats

Branded Lifestyle Video


Bringing Regal’s brand promise of creating bonds and making memories to life.

Opportunity and The Ambition to Evolve.

Regal Boats, a longtime client of Myjive’s, had an upcoming dealer event and they asked us for an opening video that would excite and galvanize the crowd. Oh, and dealers can be a pretty hard-to-impress audience. Regal’s creative expectations were entirely open-ended; they knew that we knew their brand well and trusted us to forge a direction. We found it by looking at input gathered in a recent brand definition exercise that underscored the importance of family values and forming strong bonds between people through boating. We aspired to not only kick off the conference with an emotional message that was true to Regal’s values, but deliver a brand video Regal could repurpose for promotions beyond the dealer meeting.

Making It.

The video treatment was to shoot a “follow” type lifestyle video focusing on a young family on a boat outing. We would use the Regal boat and its features in a way that felt natural to their story. We also included a second family in another Regal, to expand the meaning of “family” to include friends as boating is such as social activity. With our basic storyline, production plans, location scouted, boats lined up and plenty of gear at the ready, we hit the lake for a full day of shooting. Shots ranged from intimate close ups of toddler feet, to epic aerial sweeps and everything in-between.

Because we wanted spontaneous feeling shots of people action, we decided to go with a Canon DSLR, which is smaller, lighter and more maneuverable. But we also wanted a cinema-quality result not typically achieved with DLSRs. Our in-house DP, Daniel Parker, used Magic Lantern software in the camera to get stunning results. Magic Lantern is software that runs alongside the Canon’s own software to provide features such as HDR, time lapse, motion detection and finer audio controls. Myjive’s agency mantra is, “Choose to evolve,” and this is always driving us to use new technologies and processes to push ourselves and work to new heights.

Nailing It.

Regal’s new video was a departure from anything they had done previously and really hit the mark with the dealer conference audience and was a great kick off to their event. The dealers loved it so much, in fact, they began sharing it in their local markets. It wasn’t long before we noticed our footage showing up in various boat show promotions around the country. In early 2014, the video also won a coveted Gold ADDY, from the American Advertising Awards, the largest awards show of its kind in the country.


  • 2014 Gold ADDY
  • 2014 Silver District ADDY