Regal Boats

Sales Event Lead Generation


A targeted, automated digital campaign makes huge waves in Regal’s site activity and leads.

Opportunity and The Ambition to Evolve.

Myjive's website for Regal delivered all the right messages to pique interests of boat buyers. We engineered it, however, to be a marketing engine: Leading buyers down the purchase path through boat design and specifications, pricing, strategic promotions, dealer lookups and, finally, lead generation. When websites are this powerful and flexible, Myjive calls them platforms; flexible foundations upon which future marketing tactics such as digital campaigns can successfully be launched from and be woven into. So when Regal needed to run a targeted email and digital advertising campaign to generate leads, they were well prepared.

Making It.

Regal had a matrix of many boats with many different incentives, so the first task was to align a site visitor's activity with a boat model and promotion. We wrote pages of logic into our responsive email campaign based on this and whether they had signed up for email information or had started designing a boat on the site but abandoned it. Retargeting, the strategy of distributing relevant ads based on a recent site visit and page/product view, was also a successful tactic to re-engage prospects, incenting them with an offer. Targeted emails and promotional website pages led interested shoppers to their nearest Regal dealership and, with shared information, generated a lead for that dealer.

Nailing It.

If you don't use analytics to fine tune your campaign logic, offers or messages, you're missing the point of digital marketing. Ongoing analysis allowed Myjive to test and react quickly to marketplace realities. An agile team approach sped responsiveness, as did the robust website CMS we had already built. And, of course, having a strategist on staff who is totally dedicated to thinking and advising the client was absolutely central to success. What does solid strategy, data and relevant advertising get you? 63% email opens, significantly higher than the industry average, a 41% increase in website sessions, and as for our KPI of generating leads, a 315% increase over previous year's same season activity.