Napa Filters

Digital Marketing Program


Making it easier to find and buy NAPA Filters made the sales — and brand — needles move.

Opportunity and The Ambition to Evolve.

NAPA Filters initially came to Myjive to boost a lackluster paid media program. Being ambitious about this classic American brand, we also knew their image needed definition and audience growth. Because these days, no marketing goal or problem is an island, we saw an opportunity to integrate our efforts across all digital marketing to drive overall results. True digital integration, especially for consumer brands, requires social media. So that was a big part of our dream for this brand as well.

Making It.

Successful digital engagement and retail involves both great content and great strategy. Myjive immediately approached the paid strategy in a fresh way: look beyond the immediate purchase drivers (low on oil, mileage, driving habits) and plan around lifestyles and passions that align with the NAPA Filters brand. Having researched both the DIY car care person and the do-it-for-me type who would rather use NAPA's Auto Care Centers, Myjive was equipped to draft a marketing and social messaging plan where efforts in both areas leveraged the other.

Nailing It.

Because of Myjive's strategy and detailed attention to analytics, results have been impressive. Smarter spending immediately led to increased site traffic. Moreover, better data from continual analysis led to better quality visitors, meaning those most likely to look up a filter. The strategy for paid search led to an astonishing 390% lift in product searches, our KPI and the strongest indicator of purchase intent.

In concert with paid search, our social effort involved ramping up content creation and serial posts based on customer affinity areas identified in research, such as racing, sports, muscle cars, garage culture and Americana. This led to the creation of NAPA Nation, helping make tangible the enthusiasm for car appreciation and care shared by NAPA Filters and their customers. The fresh, relevant, frequent content, strategically promoted posts that synched with paid advertising messages and key word campaigns, and ongoing social anaylsis led to massive growth in fans and enviable engagement rates. In total, these results prove that knowing your audience well is the basis for great communications and even better product marketing.

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