A mission-driven campaign ignites interest in exceptional education amongst top teachers.

Opportunity and The Ambition to Evolve.

Project L.I.F.T. approached us with an ambitious goal: help them bring almost 100 new teachers into their innovative education program. And not just any teachers, but the nation's best to join their mission to hyper-accelerate the performance of a handful of struggling inner-city public schools. To meet this goal, our client asked us to attract 1000 qualified applicants to generate 300 interviews.

To specifically attract top teachers and get them to respond to L.I.F.T.'s recruiting call, Myjive needed to learn how to tell their story in a way that spoke convincingly to high-achieving, results-oriented educators — those rare people who both desired and were capable of making an impact. After understanding what our audience would love about Project L.I.F.T., Myjive developed a geo-targeted email campaign as the central vehicle to tell the their story. While L.I.F.T. did have a great story to tell, because they were a new organization they did not yet have the creative assets or a strategic communications plan to tell it.

Making It.

So Myjive created several videos to communicate the most attractive attributes about Project L.I.F.T. and integrated this new content into the non-profit's website, to which the emails were linked. We also improved the site's architecture and user-experience to handle the campaign, allowing visitors to learn about and apply for open positions. On social media, Myjive crafted posts that generated even more site traffic.

Nailing It.

By combining a well-engineered email marketing plan with relevant original content, improved website UX and effective social engagement, Myjive helped L.I.F.T achieve their goals. Our email open rate was 180% above the national average for this audience and a total of 1331 qualified teachers applied for positions.