Little Architecture

Wake Tech Touch Interactive


An ambitious tech college builds a modern new structure and Myjive builds in digital platforms for inspiration and interaction.

Opportunity and The Ambition to Evolve.

Myjive was hired by a leading architectural firm to create digital installations for their client, Wake Technical Community College, who was constructing a new 3-story administrative building. The multiple installations would allow various departments to promote content to the audiences that frequented their area of the building. The plan was to have a mix of interactive touch-screen panels and non-interactive video displays, but any of them might share content and all needed a common visual aesthetic.

Old school technology for multi-screen management often results in a mashup of low and high quality content due to a lack of staff time or in-house skills. Quality and the brand end up suffering. Updating becomes a chore and encourages procrastination. Myjive evolved the situation with server technology that allows administrators freedom but within boundaries defined by a content management system that worked with their specific communications needs. They would enjoy the ability to update without worrying about breaking the design or interactive features.

Making It.

Myjive, the architect and Wake Tech collaborated for three months, planning the content strategy and user experience. Myjive interactive designers began concepting visual designs. In our labs space we set up full-scale prototypes at user height to test touch screen ergonomics, readability and pre-flight the overall UX. This testing was instrumental to make a number of adjustments prior to installation and deployment in the building. We also populated all content for the launch phase.

Nailing It.

Wake Tech now has a flexible, efficient communications platform to deliver audience-specific content around their busy administrative building. All of it is easily managed, too, which for a busy college, is one of the best outcomes.